Sandblasting in Birmingham

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Sandblasting in Birmingham

Sandblasting in Birmingham

Some companies that deal in construction or heavy machinery make use to prepare a surface for painting the sandblasting process.  They olso clean a surface and remove caked on dirt. Whilst it is likely that you will have heard of the process before, how much do you actually understand about what it involves? Unless you work in an industry where sandblasting is a common practice, it is likely that you don’t know much about it at all.

So, what materials are used for the process?

Whilst one may be tempted to say ‘sand’ and roll their eyes at the apparent stupidity of the question, this is actually only half correct. There are a number of other materials that can be used in sandblasting, including copper slag, steel grit, powdered abrasives, and even small bits of walnut and coconut shells. Each of these materials has a particular application within the industry and each has a number of benefits that have led to its use.

In all reality, sand is actually very rarely used in sandblasting these days is because it has a number of health repercussions that these other materials do not pose a risk to. The dust created during the process is known to settle in the lungs and, due to extended exposure to sandblasting, this can cause a lung disease called silicosis.

What tools are needed to undertake the process?

There is actually not a whole lot of equipment needed to undertake sandblasting; it is traditionally a single machine that is comprised of three parts – the abrasive, the blaster nozzle, and the air compressor. The machine will also be fitted with a collector that collects any excess dust during the process, preventing as much as possible from being released into the air.

What safety gear is necessary for operators of the equipment?

Anyone who is performing sandblasting or who will be in the direct vicinity whilst it is being performed will need to ensure that they are equipped with the proper safety equipment to protect themselves from inhaling harmful contaminants. This includes a respirator mask and safety glasses.

Sandblasting that we do not only in Birmingham, witch makes the whole process sound quite complex, it really isn’t all that difficult. Once you have chosen the most appropriate material for the application that you have in mind, you simply need to load it into the sandblasting equipment and begin spraying the equipment or building (after you have been properly trained, of course). Just make sure that you have been protected.


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